Gentlemen, it is a good day to give thanks for many things, including the great club and course that we play. Few of us would argue that it is one of the best in the area. Tomorrow November 25 begins our holiday gift drive for a very deserving Heritage Club staff. Last year fifty Legends contributed $1750 ($35 average per Legend) and most know how very much the gifts that were distributed to about 23 Club personnel were appreciated. As I recently pitched to the steering committee, we did not get to everybody last year. For example, some newer Club personnel were left out. I recommended that for this year the steering committee endorse a voluntary contribution range this year of $35-50 per Legend that would enable us to collect $2000 (approximate $40 average per Legend). The steering committee adopted the recommendation. Of course, each golfer must decide for himself. Some will give more, some less. And that’s okay. Some of us play less than 50 rounds a year. Others play well over 100. But it is important that everybody contribute something. Let’s have 100% participation.

Tom Bacca, Bob Dunbar, Jim Salisbury, and Jerry Martonic will help me with collecting the contributions. We are asking that all contributions be in by Wednesday, December 14 in order that we can prepare the gift cards and get them to the staff before the holidays. As was the case last year, I will be responsible for the accounting and distribution of monies collected and will be happy to review with any Legend at any time.

You are getting this email, but I will also be posting it and a periodic status on the website and Tom will also be posting on SUG. Thank you in advance for your help. We have a special group of guys. One that I am sure we are all quite proud to be a part of. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Chuck Houseworth