The following are the minutes of the Heritage Legends Steering Committee meeting held on January 10, 2017. Members present were Mike Connell, Randy Cobb, Ed Yarasheski, John Woloski, Tommy Gurganus, and Chuck Houseworth. Tom Sullivan and George McGuire were not present.

There was discussion of whether the Legends should take the first available tee times each day directly after Al Gibson and his group(s) tee off. On most days, there is a 20-30 minute gap between the times that they use and the beginning of our Fun Group times. The club typically uses these two or three times for any other foursomes that wish to go out early in the morning. We decided to leave our tee time requests as they are currently made, leaving the club the flexibility to use the intervening two or three times as it sees fit.

There was discussion of a request by Bob Dunbar to consider the extent to which the Legends want to support and sanction out of town, overnight trips to such places as Myrtle Beach. While we have no issue with one or more Legends taking the lead to get other Legends to participate in such trips, we agreed that the Legends organization would not become directly involved in seeking and promoting the activity. We also agreed that we would allow one or more Legends to use our website to seek participation in such trips.

There was discussion of a prior request by the committee to reconsider the process that we would recommend for recipients of hole-in-one insurance monies to share in their good fortunes. The committee asked George McGuire, Rufus Alston, and Chuck Houseworth to get together and formulate a recommendation. The recommendation was to do away with the hole-in-one insurance program as it is too difficult to fairly involve everyone in the celebrations as some folks do not use the bar area, some in the Fun Group use the area when they complete their rounds but leave prior to the Nassau Group coming in, and the Nassau Group uses the area after the Fun Group has left. The recommendation was adopted by the steering committee. Money is being distributed to Bill Bethurem for his recent hole in one, and there is money in the fund for the next hole in one. Once that is distributed, the program will cease. We are all appreciative of the efforts by Rufus Alston to keep the program together for the past several years.

There was discussion of whether to limit handicaps of more than one stroke on par three holes. On our course, this really only comes into play for those playing with a handicap of 29 or higher. The committee agreed to further discuss this with the Legends group and take it back up at the next meeting.

There was discussion of the continuing issues that we have with managing Nassau groupings. Most of them stem from 1) Legends arriving late; 2) Legends not signed up on SUG who subsequently decide to play and who may or may not have contacted the pro shop; and 3) Legends signed up on SUG who subsequently decide not to play and who may or may not have contacted the pro shop. The net effect of this is that Larry Davis and Mike Connell find it very difficult to determine the game and the pairings until it is almost time for the first Nassau group to tee off.  The committee agreed that some tighter policies are now required.

Effective immediately, the following procedures must be followed. First, Legends signed up for Nassau and intending to play must be at the practice tee area no later than fifteen minutes prior to the first assigned Nassau tee time. There will henceforth be no exceptions for late arrivals. The game and groupings will be finalized by Larry Davis and Mike Connell at that point. Second, Legends who were not on the SUG listing prior to its being locked (typically three days before the tee off date) must text Mike Connell with the intention to play. It is not sufficient to simply call the pro shop, although they should do that also. Third, Legends who were on the SUG listing prior to its being locked must text Mike Connell with the intention to not play. It is not sufficient to simply call the pro shop, although they should do that also. In both the second and third cases above, the text must be sent to Mike no later than 8am (9am for winter month starting times an hour later). Mike’s phone to text to is 919-815-4248. This policy is effective immediately.

Each Nassau player is asked to take a high degree of personal responsibility for managing his SUG signups.  Ideally, the signup list should be as stable as possible at the point Tommy Gurganus and Tom Bacca lock it three days prior to the tee off date.  If there have to be exceptions as described above, it is the responsibility of the Legend to text Mike so that he knows who to count on when he gets to the course on the day of play.  When in doubt, text Mike. He provides a great service in getting the Nassau teams set up. We all need to show him and all of our members the courtesy of managing our signups and our appearances accordingly.

There has been much discussion on the total number of our members. The committee considered statistics related to the numbers of unused slots and foursome tee times. The committee noted that the number of unused slots appears to be more skewed to the Nassaus. The committee therefore put the following in place. Whereas currently we have fifty active members, we will in all of our future communications reference the fact that we intend to manage our number to a minimum of 50 and a maximum of 55. This is not to mean that the next several applicants automatically become Legends. The decision on membership will continue to be done on an applicant by applicant basis based on a) our experience with the applicant during his 30-60 day probationary period and b) the facts that we have at the time of the decision regarding the number of existing Legends and the number of open slots that we have typically had for individual days over the preceding several months. Our intent is to use nine tee times every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is also our intent to give every Legend the opportunity to play as much as he wants, given the sign up constraints mentioned above.

Lastly, the committee noted that there is one “official” applicant on the wait list, Jim Rowe. He has played with us on a probationary basis. The committee decided to offer him full membership immediately with the proviso that for the foreseeable future he will be limited to Nassau signups.  Please welcome Jim as the newest member of the Legends.

The meeting was concluded with no other issues to discuss.