Legend’s $10 Tournament for 2017 (Fun & Nassau) will be played March thru September.  Mike Connell is this year’s tournament chairperson with Kirby Primm (last year’s chairperson) as Mike’s back-up.  The dates for this year’s tournaments are on the fourth Wednesday of each month: March 22nd, April 26th, May 24th, June 28th, July 26th, August 23rd & September 27th with a 9:00 AM shotgun start.  Every effort will be made to play the tournament with full foursomes.  Sign up though SignUpGenius (SUG) will be set up for the first 28 to sign up then the next four (total 32), then the next four (total 36), a stand-by group will be set up.  The $10 tournament fee, to secure your place in the tournament, must be paid by 12:00 Noon Monday before that month’s tournament on Wednesday.  If the $10 tournament fee is not paid by Monday before the tournament your sign-up position will be voided and open for a stand-by to pay and fill your sign-up position.  The game with teams will be announced to all players by the Tuesday prior to the tournament.

Lunch will again be offered through the club following the tournament.  Tom Bacca & Chuck Houseworth will rotate the duties as the lunch chairpersons for this year’s tournament lunch.  The club’s banquet room has been reserved for lunch on tournament days.  Lunch will be a Lunch Special (to be announced) for the tournament or you may place an order for a regular menu item.  An e-mail will be sent to all players offering them participation in an after-tournament lunch at their own expense.  Lunch is optional.  Your lunch order must be placed by 12:00 Noon Monday (same as $10 tournament fee) to secure your lunch order.  If order is not placed by the Monday date you will be responsible to contact the club yourself to make your own lunch arrangements.  Club members will be auto billed to their club account for lunch plus a 20% tip.  Non-club members will be asked for payment at the time of service.

SUG, $10 fee payment and lunch sign up will be available two weeks prior to the tournament event.  Please sign up early to secure your place in this year’s Legend’s $10 Tournaments.

Tournament Chairpersons