The following are the highlights of the 9/27 Legends Steering Committee meeting.  Attendees were Chuck Houseworth, Mike Connell, Randy Cobb, Tom Gurganus, John Woloski, Ed Yarasheski, George McGuire, and Tom Sullivan.

  1. Kirby Primm came in and discussed the great advantages of having an easily accessible heart defibrillator at the Club.  Very good ones are available for well under $2000.  The Committee was enthusiastic about pursuing it.  He is going to be our point person in discussing with David Sykes and possibly Andy Ammons if necessary the advisability for one to be purchased and how the Legends might be able to help, possibly through some kind of fundraising or providing some direct contribution to the expense.  Kirby will report back to the Committee in the next 30 days.
  2. The Committee considered and approved on a five week trial basis a local Legends rule that will allow for a ball in the fairway to obtain relief and to be dropped in an area no closer to the hole if it is in an area that is not consistent with the area surrounding it.  This would cover such situations as repaired or semi-repaired divots and bare spots that are not already marked as ground under repair.  This rule will be in place through the end of Daylight Savings Time in early November.  At that point, per our previous rule, it will be moot as we will already allow lift clean and place until the beginning of Daylight Savings Time in early March, 2018.  The committee will consider further continuance of the rule prior to that time.
  3. We have an application for Legends membership from Scott Striegel, who used to play sporadically with the Legends several years back.  He is now fully retired and a Club member.  He will be placed on the wait list, as the Committee believes that we are not in a position to add new members at the present time.
  4. The Committee has endorsed renaming the actual trophy to be presented to the winning Legends Heritage Cup team each October.  The Founders Trophy will commemorate the efforts of the tournament founders – Jerry McInnes, Ed Yarasheski, and Joe Vartanesian – and permanently contain their names on the hardware itself.
  5. Two Committee members ended their service effective this meeting.  We all owe Tom Gurganus and George McGuire a big thanks for all of their service to the Committee over the past years.  Two new Committee members will be taking their place.  We welcome Kirby Primm and Ralf Haskell to the Committee and know they will do a fine job representing the interests of all the Legen