After recently having presented David Sykes with our written recommendation that Heritage consider having an automated external defibrillator (AED) placed in the restaurant/clubhouse, he and I had a very gratifying discussion this afternoon.  David had in fact already initiated the process to place AEDs in the clubhouse and at both Heritage swimming pools as well.  He has identified a vendor who will provide the devices and training for the Heritage staff.  All of this has been approved and budgeted and David hopes to have everything in place by January 2018.  He was appreciative about our concerns and our interest in helping with the process.    He expressed gratitude for our willingness to provide financial support but noted that everything is already in the budget and will be covered by Heritage.  I passed on to him our sincere appreciation that he had already initiated this on his own and offered our help in any way that might be useful.  Please take the opportunity if you will to thank him when you get an chance.  Hopefully, none of us will ever require the use of an AED, but it is reassuring that we will soon have this available for emergencies.

Kirby Primm