Greetings  to all of the Legends.  It is the time of year to give back to the staff of Heritage that support us and help us throughout the year.  We are a unique group of very individual players with very individual needs and demands.  The staff makes a great effort to help us realize our goals.  Their cooperation in aiding us with our $10 tournaments and the Ryder Cup tournament as well as other demands we make upon them is paramount.   As last year, we are asking for contributions of between $35 – $50 per legend.  The average last year was $41.  Hopefully we can make that higher this year.

Contributions from all Legends would be greatly appreciated.  Please make it a 100% effort.

Please make cash contributions to myself, Jim Rowe, Jerry Casler,  and Bob Dunbar.  We will be available as often as possible on our play days.  I am happy to meet at your residence at any time to collect a contribution. We would like to get all contributions by Dec 13.


Wells Martin