There are two updates for the Nassau players.

The first has to do with the hole in one insurance.  The steering committee moved a few months ago to discontinue the hole in one insurance for all Legends play for Fun/Nassau because it was very difficult for everyone to celebrate together.  A Fun member would get a HIO, and be gone before the Nassau Group came in.  A Nassau member would get a HIO, and the Fun Group would be gone by the time the Nassau Group came in.  Too complicated.  On Monday, there was discussion with most of the Nassaus in the bar area about re-establishing the insurance for the Nassaus.  With an overwhelming supportive show of hands, the vote among the 16-17 present was to proceed for those wishing to participate for Nassau play only.  Rufus Alston will administer as before.

The second issue has to do with a request by Jim Oleksa to go back to random draw for determining pairings for Nassau play.  The rationale was that there are situations where A players do not normally get paired together, B players do not get normally paired together, etc.  The five Nassau members of the steering committee – Mike Connell, Chuck Houseworth, Kirby Primm, Ralf Haskell, Randy Cobb – considered the request and also discussed with several other Nassau members.  It was agreed that there is merit to Jim’s suggestion.  Going forward we will continue with the current system on Mondays and Fridays, but we will use a random card draw on Wednesdays.  This will be effective immediately.

Any questions, please contact any of the five Nassau steering committee members named above.