The Legends steering committee met at noon on January 11 at McCoys.  Kirby Primm, Mike Connell, Randy Cobb, Chuck Houseworth, Ed Yarasheski, and Tom Sullivan were in attendance and that represented a quorum.

There are three active Legends membership applications on file.  As we are still currently at 50+ members even now that Ken Kalloway has recently left the group, the committee only felt comfortable in bringing in one new member at this time.  Our newest Legend is Wade Scruggs.  He is a current club member, has a GHIN handicap and plans to play with the Fun Group 2-3 times per week.  He will be eligible to begin play on February 5.  Tom Sullivan will be his sponsor and will handle his introduction and initiation into the group.

There was discussion of certain expenses incurred throughout the year that require reimbursement.  Examples of these are the SUG subscription fee, website subscription and name registration fees, engraving of the trophy for the October tournament, stationery for the Christmas gift cards for club staff, flowers for members and their families, etc.  The committee agreed that $500 on an annual basis should cover these expenses.  Going forward each member will be assessed $10 at the beginning of each calendar year.  One person will be responsible for collections and maintaining the petty cash fund.  Disbursements will only be made by this person, and reporting to all Legends will take place on at least a semi-annual basis.  The committee has authorized Chuck Houseworth to identify and work with the Legend responsible for doing this work.  Look for an announcement shortly as to who this person will be and how to get your assessment to him.

Kirby Primm gave the committee a quick status on the club’s acquisition of defibrillator equipment.  While it is not yet in place, he is confident that with the advent of this new year and the club’s prior commitment to him it will be procured and in place shortly.  Further information will soon be made available to the group.

There was discussion of the 30 day trial that was put in place in October of last year to allow for lift, clean, and place in the fairway if the ball resided in an area that was bare or significantly at variance with the surrounding area.  The trial is now ended and the committee decided to not implement it on a permanent basis.  Keep in mind that we will still have automatic lift, clean, and place in the fairways when we are out of daylight savings time or when because of wet conditions electric carts are limited to cart path only.

One new rule change that is being implemented on a trial basis is for a ball on the green to be moved to a point as near as possible, but not any closer to the hole, if the player believes that a previously used cup in his line may adversely affect his putt.  This is being done due to the rough and inconsistent manner with which holes are currently being moved and replaced by the maintenance staff on a daily basis.  As with the rule change in October, this change will be conducted on a trial basis effective immediately and re-evaluated a few months hence.

There was also some discussion about anticipating and adopting early the 2019 USGA rule change regarding the ability to repair spike marks on the greens, in addition to the currently existing allowance for repairing ball marks.  The committee will be soliciting comments on this, but will not yet implement.

Finally, all Nassau players are reminded to please text (not email) Mike Connell if they were on Legends signup at the SUG lock 48-72 hours prior to play and do not plan to be there.  Several of our players are getting lax and into the habit of emailing Mike, and it is becoming unwieldy for him.  Please respect Mike’s time and effort and text him only at 919-815-4248.

The above represents all business discussed in the meeting.  Please contact any steering committee member if you have any questions.

Chuck Houseworth