Gents, the steering committee authorized an annual per Legend assessment of $10 to fund administrative expenses that occur throughout the year.  The major ones are SUG subscription; website maintenance and name registration; Xmas card printing expenses; trophy engraving and other small expenses primarily associated with the Legends Cup activity; and flowers and other remembrances for various occasions.

I will be collecting the money from each of you and responsible for disbursing the money on an item by item basis as preauthorized by the steering committee.  I will also keep a complete accounting of who has paid and what has been disbursed.  This accounting will be communicated to all the Legends on at least a semiannual basis.  It will also be available for inspection by any Legend at any other time.

The 2018 assessment is due by 2/15/18.  In subsequent years, it will be due by the 2/15.

Please get it to me at your earliest convenience.  You may also give it to any other steering committee member, who will in turn pass it on to me.  The steering committee members besides myself are Mike Connell, Randy Cobb, Ralf Haskell, Kirby Primm, Tom Sullivan, Ed Yarasheski, and John Woloski.


Chuck Houseworth