At Tom Lionelli’s request, here is a posting detailing his suggestions to the club in anticipation of the next survey.  Please add to or comment on these in the comment area below.

Suggestions for Heritage Golf Club Management

Congratulations to Joe York and his team for their work maintaining the course. The following should not be construed as a criticism of the grounds crew since most of the suggestions relate to budget issues, original course design flaws and club management style.

1. Fix the bunkers . The flawed design (steep walls and no drainage) leads to washed – out bunkers every time we get a hard rain. In addition, bunker condition is inconsistent ( different types and amounts of sand, especially at the bottoms of each bunker ). The bunkers can be difficult by design, but should not be so expensive to maintain that they are often unplayable due to poor conditions.

2. Add a first cut around the greens.

3. This seems to be a new problem: when a cup is moved on the green, the old hole is often filled below the turf height.

4. Add more reflector tape to flag sticks so rangefinders work easier .

5. Have the beverage cart person stop well out of range while golfers are hitting to avoid disrupting and slowing play.

6. Have ground crew and equipment stop well out of range while golfers are hitting to avoid disrupting and slowing play.

7. Announce that “winter rules” are in effect when the course is not in top form, such as when “cart – paths – only” restrictions are being enforced. That way all players will post scores based on identical conditions. Currently , some golfers play “ lift – clean – and – place ” while others play the ball down.

8. The bridge between the fourth and fifth holes is very slippery when wet. Tack some inexpensive material to the wood to improve traction.

9. Improve alternative cross walks over creeks such as on the 13th and 14th holes so that foot traffic can be distributed instead of focusing on the cart path bridges.

10. Level the driving range and limit its use to those times when damage will be minimized.

11. Relocate tee box markers more frequently . Red tee boxes markers especially seem to rarely move more than a yard or so.

12. Ask rangers to more actively enforce pace of play standards, even on weekdays when the course is not jammed.

13. Not sure how to enforce this, but some members’ handicaps seem to be unfair, leading several members to avoid playing in tournaments .

14. Emergency shelters for lightning are imperative for safety . Players who are on foot and finishing the 6th and 15th holes are especially vulnerable.

15. Notify players before they pay for a cart if “ cart – paths – only ” is in effect. Many players would rather walk with a push cart than traipse between their cart and the ball three or four time per hole . They should be able to make that decision before they get to the first hole.

16. The pro shop should not fill an empty slot in a tee time without first checking with the tee time holder. Of course, the course can insist on filling the slot , but the original tee time holder should have the option of deciding not to play discreetly so as to not offend the newcomer.


Tom Lionelli