The following is a partial response that Heritage management gave to Tom Lionelli today on some of the recent concerns that we sent up to Heritage management a couple of days ago, and to which all of you were on copy.  Please note that Heritage did not choose to respond to all of the concerns that we expressed in that email.

I am also including a copy of the cover email that Tom put on the Heritage response, and that he sent to all Legends today in a separate email.

To avoid multiple emails filling individual mailboxes, let’s please use the website to facilitate our communications on this issue and all issues involving the Legends.  To that end, please use the comments section below to provide your comments on Tom’s request as well as on the Heritage response.



I received the attached response from David Sykes today. It was handed to me by Michael Taylor at the pro shop this morning; the attachment is a scanned version of what I received. I made it clear to both David and Michael that I was unaware of the fact that the email was being sent and that I would have approached the matter differently. Fortunately, neither expressed any ill feelings.

You will see that David answered the 16 items in the original list but many of his comments are uninformative. And he did not address any of the comments. We might have gotten fuller response if we had submitted a more cohesive message sent by the Legends as a group rather than just a few individuals. But that horse has left the barn.

So now the question is: how do we proceed? If we are satisfied with David’s answers to the 16 original points, then we are done.  If we want to explore some of the answers David provided in greater detail and possibly get answers to the other comments, then we could consider having the Steering Committee (or a subcommittee) meet to discuss and prepare a response. A meeting with David might be a good way to handle this without having it devolve to a tit-for-tat volley of responses and counter-responses.

If a decision is made—either by the Steering Committee or by one or several Legends on their own—to respond to David’s answers, then I respectfully ask that I be consulted before anything with my name attached to it is released.




20180224 David Sykes - Response to Suggestions